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Monday, December 14, 2009

Technical Program in Tailoring

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe that the holidays are here already. This past Saturday marked 4 months of living in Haiti; I can’t believe how fast it has gone by! I wanted to take a brief moment today to talk about the technical tailoring program that is going to start at SOPUDEP in January, 2010. We have been able to raise $1000.00 that will go towards implementing the program. We have bought one pedal sewing-machine and are in the process of purchasing two more. We are going to do some construction work on one of the classrooms in the SOPUDEP school building to accommodate tailoring class, and have found an instructor willing to work with our students. The goal is to create a program for 28 of the day school students and 20 of the students in the street kid program. Eventually we hope that the students in this program will become proficient tailors, and be able to earn a decent living wage. Thank you to all of the supporters that donated and assisted in the foundation of this program. We are planning many more technical programs and educational opportunities for the students at SOPUDEP. Please drop me an e-mail if you want to get involved! Enjoy the Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Meal A Day

I went to SOPUDEP yesterday to continue my English classes with the street children of Petion-Ville, Haiti. When I arrived I was glad to see that the food program at SOPUDEP had begun again. There had been a three month hiatus due to lack of funds and lack of food donations to support the food program. What impresses me the most about the children is that they come to school regardless of whether food will be served that day. They are there to learn, and if there happens to be a meal, then even better. The meal that SOUPDEP provides to the students may be the only meal they eat that day. This program is making differences in the lives of children in Haiti EVERYDAY! SK

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Haiti

Wow! Haiti is one amazing country! During the past three days I had the opportunity and privilege to visit Jeremie, in the most southwestern tip of Haiti. The countryside was absolutely beautiful, and the people were extremely friendly and helpful. I was invited to Jeremie by Ana, the Union School counselor. A total of five of us (Michele, Ma-Luschka, Ginette, Ana, Me) flew to Jeremie and visited a total of three cities, and three beaches, in three days. We ate traditional Haitian fare for all of our meals, and I was able to practice my Kreyol (which I must say, isn't really that good). All three beaches were beautiful, each unique in its own way. The highlight of the trip was the absolute solitude that we experienced travelling in the countryside. We drove hours upon hours without even seeing another vehicle. The landscape was decorated by gorgeous mountains, contrasted with ocean views and large, winding rivers. The pictures attached to this post do not do Haiti justice, but I want everyone to see for themselves the absolute beauty of this country. You are more than welcome to come visit, and I will be your host. Haiti is much nicer, more friendly, and much healthier than the western media portrays. I hope to hear from you soon!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Joy

I have no experience teaching English to students that, unfortunately, do not know how to read or write in their own language. Even the best planned lessons have faltered, because I continually fail to realize that my students at SOPUDEP are entering this schooling experience with almost no background in the educational experience of school. These students, children who live on the street, continually reassure me, and encourage me to keep trying to teach them English. In addition to teaching English, I have taken a photo of each one, and given them their personal copy to take with them back to wherever it is they call home. I hope that having a picture of themselves, in some small way, provides them with some simple joy.

Thank you to those that have contributed to our project H.E.R.O. We are working diligently towards providing an adequate housing and educational arrangement for the street children and orphans of Port Au Prince. Please contact me if you have any questions about our work.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Welcome everyone! This first post serves as the official debut of my BLOG. There are several goals for this site. It is my hope that the information presented through my posts and applications will portray a brighter side of Haiti, a side that is too often ignored by the media. After living here for nearly three months, I have only experienced joyous moments in Haiti, from teaching English with orphans to exploring the back alleys of Port-Au-Prince. An additional goal, one that is more important to the everyday lives of children in Haiti, is to provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to the housing, education, and rehabilitation of orphans. The word “contribute” has become a word equated to “giving money”, but this is by no means the definition that I adhere to. Contributions can come in the form of prayers, e-mails and letters of encouragement, or simply informing others about the true situation in Haiti, and the promise that this country holds. I encourage you to share your comments, thoughts, and feelings with me as I continue my self-discovery in Haiti. I hope that you choose to join me on this exhilarating endeavor. SK